Jūrmala, 2015
Int. Cafe in Moscow. Sunny morning.
Like every week, Andrey and Polina gathered for jour fixe. It usually ends with a discussion of tenders and treatments that have been designed and written in recent days. "Why don’t we unite?" - the ghostwriters thought; they are friends, they are like-minded people (in any case, as far as the director’s treatments are concerned).
The Jourfix group is distinguished by professional film education and over five years of experience in the advertising industry and post-production. While Andrey Fenochka and Polina Glukhova are looking for opportunities to write and shoot their own unique films, they write and design high-quality treatments in Jourfix, trying to reflect the director’s individuality and the uniqueness of each advertising project. Available languages ​​are Russian and English.

You can view our portfolio here.

Have a good day!

This text was written during our last meeting in February before the "special operation" began — and now, the creation of Jourfixe has turned into an attempt by Polina and Andrey to adapt to new conditions to continue to create and work together.
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